Sunday, 4 March 2012


Despite my desire to finish the engine and start the car before Stoneleigh, it was not to be. The pallet shims that I needed haven't arrived, so I decided to complete the interior for the show.

First job was to do the fuel filler breather and drains so here they are

Then it was a simple(?) matter of fitting carpet, trim panels and seats - didn't take long - just 30 hours or so, and I still have a few bits to finish off, a few small bits of carpet to fit, and the parcel shelves. The 2 trim panels behind the passenger doors need remaking, as you will see from the pictures they are about half an inch too short - don't know why, as I copied the originals, but they will soon be rectified. I also have the remaining heater hoses now thanks to Ted Taylor, so another day will finish the interior.

So here's a few pictures of the interior. The camera has made the seats look a little grey, but they are black.

It was quite a moment when I could finally sit in the driver's seat after all this time - and yes I pretended to make engine noises! I'd never sat in the seats before, as the car was lacking front seats when I first got it. Quite a special moment!

Incidentally the passenger seat does fit despite the wider transmission tunnel, although it will not move far forward - if fact just enough to fit the rear mounting bolts.

I didn't really understand until I got the car unloaded at Stoneleigh just how complete it now is and how near to completion the project is.

I am not going to rush the rest, I will fit the shims, start the engine and try the gearbox, but then I will devote some time to "snagging" the car off, recheck everything, especially all the suspension nuts and bolts, and any other missed jobs.

Finally I will fish the bonnet and get that and a few remaining parts painted, and then its time for an MOT.
Total hours worked now 931, 30 added this week in 4 plus days (and nights!)

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