Friday, 23 March 2012

Nearly There

Back to work on the estate after a few weeks working on the children's cars, gearbox swap in a mini one among other things - don't try it - it took me 14 hours or so!

I'd hope to get the engine started today, but sadly some of the new shims were wrong. Not the fault of the engineers who made them, I didn't have any shims small enough to start to measure the gaps on some valves so I had to take a guess at the sizes required, but the guess wasn't accurate enough. Still the new shims at least let me measure the gap, so it will be simple to get the correct sizes made, now that I have found someone to do them.

So after spending a few hours shimming the  engine, I then got oil pressure by turning the pump manually down the distributor drive, even by hand with a speed rachet I could get 20 psi!

The dizzy in and timed up, with spark at the plugs so that will help.

I have then started to wire in the ABS module and the electric fan controller which I will finish tomorrow.

I fitted the number plates too, so now the car has an identity.

more tomorrow.

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