Sunday, 10 June 2012

Finished Painting, but it doesn't Match!

The expression is Oh B****r!

The paints done, needs a flat and a polish but the shade is wrong - still it'll do to MOT the car and take it to the National.

So started the day with undercoating and painting the underneath

Then after I was happy this had gone off nice and hard started blocking off the guide coat, you can clearly see the sunk areas here as they are still black and the surrounding area is grey

Its not just my work that isn't flat, look at the untouched parts of the pressing in the next picture

that done time for another coat of primer

and then the top coats of paint

just needs flatting to get the over spray off, and a little polish

however look at the colour match when the plenum is compared to the other bodywork

although the pictures don't show it well, its a little pink in comparison, but it will do for now, it can be repainted later, I had hoped for a better match, but I could always paint it matt black! like a rally car.

When the paint is fully hard I will flat and polish it and fit the bonnet.

The MOT time

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