Monday, 4 June 2012

More Bonnet Work

Another day spent on the bonnet, applying filler, and then sanding back with a large wood block, using 40 grade, then 90, then 160 grade wet and dry.

There still a few small pin holes to be filled with stopper, and a small grove where I finished the front edge that needs a little smear of filler, but basically its ready for paint - the small imperfections will be done this week.

There isn't much filler on top of the lead, when wet its almost transparent and you can see most of the lead under it, so the lead must have been pretty flat. Anyway its smooth to the touch, and I cannot feel any ripples, although what it looks like with paint on it will be the true test.

The two front corners of the bulge need a little more shaping too

So a little finishing off, and I shall paint it next weekend

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