Saturday, 16 June 2012

I have been waiting a long long time for this

Flatted the bonnet off today, in a away, I am pleased that it will need a respray in the correct colour as there are a few little defects in the paint, but its ripple free, nice reflections, so a few coats of the correct colour will do it wonders.

So bonnet on the car

will it close OK?

If you forget the mess in the garage this is the first time I have sat in the driver's seat and looked down the bonnet . A Magic Moment for me.

The car sits right now with the bonnet fitted too, that extra weight (and all the lead) have corrected the ride height at the front.

So its off for its MOT on Tuesday, I have booked a couple of hours with the garage, to put it on the ramp, check it over, do the tracking, align the headlamps and MOT it. I hope it passes, its going to be a nervous time for me.

I have checked all the usual MOT items today, and although the screenwash motor worked, it didn't pump water, stripped that and found some dirt in the non return valve. So all the obvious stuff seems ok, I want to check the brake servo tomorrow, the pedal is very hard, which maybe how it is, or perhaps I am not leaving it to run for long enough to build vacuum with the large reservoir tank, or perhaps there is a fault. We shall see. Then its a few fettling jobs to tidy bits and pieces up. I also got the seat belts fitted today.

So fingers crossed for Tuesday.

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