Sunday, 14 October 2012

Diff rebuild (again)

I split the output shafts again and pressed them apart so I could fit the seal savers - just stainless steel thinwall tubes really. I'd have done it the first time if I had time to source them.

Diff was then reasssembled

and fitted back to the car - the "breather grub screw" is accessible when fitted - its what the allen key is inserted into

The 1/2" UNF nut is for scale, as Nick Jones has kindly offered to look through his parts and see if he has one that will fit

Got the propshaft off too, and here are the split gaiters - old rubber! This will be off to Dave Macs tomorrow

Finally I got the starter motor back in and the front subframe, I'll leave the rest for next weekend.

It will be nice eventually to spend more time driving the car, than time spent fixing it - its a moment that I am looking forward to - I hope

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