Saturday, 13 October 2012

I might have aborted the RBRR if I had seen this

Before I start the saga of the diff removal a quick picture of the Estate exhausts after the RBRR

Biscuit colour, so a little rich, I would have preferred a greyer tinge, but not bad as the carbs and timing have never been set up. No traces of oil though which is good.

Anyway back to the front diff removal, exhaust manifolds off first, and the rest of the system back to the middle box. Then remove front hub carriers with drive shafts, disconnect steering rack from subframe, and suspend in place using wire, and the subframe comes out

However what I found wasn't so impressive. I though I had heard propshaft "clanging" hollow noises, and I had.

The CV joint gaiters on the front propshaft had split, and the grease distributed itself round the underneath of the car. Both CV joints have play now too, so its a new front propshaft to be made - that will be fun, because although one end has a flange, the other has a spline, straight into the transfer box. Next week will see what Dave Mac propshafts say, and can do.

Front diff, just hanging there, I also had to remove the starter motor to get it out

And here's the diff out.

No breather at all, just an allen headed socket screw on the top, but no sign of any holes for a breather.

I suspect I will drill the socket screw out and fit a split pin, like triumph diffs, but certainly no provision for an air vent.

So tomorrow, I will strip the diff, fit the seal savers to the shafts and reassemble. 

I will say that if I had seen the mess from the front propshaft under the car on the RBRR I would possibly have stopped and called a tow truck. I guess the subsequent gentle driving saved it.

I knew this wouldn't be easy, and I knew something would break on the RBRR, the car simply had not had enough driving trouble free prior to the event.

But we still got round.

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