Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Game On

And this morning on to the other side which revealed this

After application of emery cloth strips, it ended up like this, still a few marks, but the seals should last a few thousand miles

It could really do with refacing in a lath, but no time for that now.

Upon re assembly, I noticed the CV joint boot on this side was also touching the cross member - hard to see in this picture, but with the suspension on full droop the folds on the CV were catching

A trip to my local motor factor saw me with a selection of different boots to try and get clearance, needless to say it was the third one that fitted well and cleared the body work - so that was 3 CV joint strips and rebuilds just to get the boots on and off. Doing the CV joints took nearly as long as the diff drive shaft seals this side.

Anyway all done, short test drive done and all seems well, we will see what a gentle Motorway Thrash does tomorrow.

So its RBRR game on.

The Range Rover has a split inlet manifold (they are made of plastic now) so it resides at the Dealers Workshop for a few days, glad I am not picking the bill up for that job, when you see what the manifold is buried under.

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