Saturday, 22 February 2014

Baffling Work

Real work got in the way of Triumph work today but still spent an afternoon on the Sprint.

Job number one, replace the aftermarket door seal on a rear passenger door with a NOS one that I had. As usual its pushed the door out a little when closed, but that normally settles down as the rubber gets used to its new shape.

Next job, drill out and retap the 3 holes in each inner wing to which the baffle plates are atttached, not enjoyable, and very fiddly, but at last all 6 holes remade,  a few broken small drill bits in the process though!

and the offside baffle plate fixed in place. I am still waitng for the other one to arrive, but when it does the car is ready!

Seems like Triumph had started to care about rust prevention when they made the Dolomite

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