Thursday, 27 February 2014

More Sprint work

Started today with another easy job, replaced the aftermarket driver's door seal with another NOS one

Then it was time to replace the seat belts for new ones that work correctly - even though they don't have the seat belt warning wiring, I'd prefer to have good seat belts.

The final job was more work on the brakes, I stripped the rear brakes, and found out the auto brake adjuster wasn't working because the hand brake cables were too tight - not allowing the adjuster arm to go back to the start.

Then it was time to strip the siezed up brake balance valve at the rear - luckily the bores were all good, it was just rust where the actuator piston exits the valve

Here are all the bits

All put back together with a seal kit thanks to the Dolomite Owners club. When I was bleeding the brakes I noticed the servo was moving about - surprise surprise it wasn't bolted in correctly, 2 fixing nuts missing, one inside the car one in the plenum

I still need to adjust the brake balance valve, but on test there's far more "bite" at the front and the rear brakes aren't so keen to lock up, so I guess its nearly correct. Its a bit of a dog to adjust correctly, as you really need the car on a ramp, emulating its stance on the road, then you apply pressure to the brake pedal 60 lbs, and according to a loading chart set a varying clearance on the valve of a few thou, I will adjust this bit by bit for now a few thou at a time and note the difference - essentially you want it set so the rear brakes will not lock, but still have effective braking.

A few more jobs to do yet before Stoneleigh, but its getting there.

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