Saturday, 8 March 2014

Fitting Stoneleigh Parts

I had a good time at Stoneleigh, and got some excellent parts for the Sprint.

First off is this NOS exhaust

It sounds like a Sprint now its fitted, and all those nasty booming noises from the body caused by the "sports exhaust" resonating have gone.

Then fitted the NOS Tandem Master brake cylinder (as rare as a rare thing!) that with the reinforcing bracket between the servo and inner wing have nearly fixed the brakes, at least they feel like they will stop the car now, although there is a little too much pedal travel still.

I need to replace the auto adjusters in the rear drums because they work some of the time but not all.

However replacing the cylinder, let me recentralise the PWDA valve, so I do not now have a handbrake warning lamp on all the time.

Then I had to helicoil the front seat mount - won't be the last stripped thread on this car I think!

Now onto the carbs, and an attempt to fix why its not running right

Spot the deliberate mistake

Yes thats right K&N filters for a smaller size carb, partially blocking the carb mouth AND the venturi tubes that cause the piston to rise.

Fantastic, about the quality of engineering that I have come to expect :(

I need the secondhand Sprint airbox that I have been promised.

Remove the carbs next - not simple, instead of ordinary nuts with locking washer, nylocs were fitted, removal of these was a pain as access to the retaining nuts is limited, so on with a spanner, move it 20 degrees then remove spanner and reverse the spanner so the jaws are at a different angle and reapply to nut for another 20 degree turn, repeat processs until nyloc is unscrewed down 12mm of thread, do this 8 times for all 8 bolts. I don't believe it, most places there are no lock washers or nylocks where required on this car, but the one place you don't want nylocs, you get them Grrrrrr

Anyway removed the pots and pistons and what do I find, the rear carb had the jet screwed right up, the front was permamently in a semi choke position - due in the end, to a bent choke arm to the jet on that carb, so it wouldn't seat fully home when the choke cable was released. No wonder it didn't run right.

All reassembled, revs to 5k plus now, and no missing at tickover, its not quite right yet, doesn't quite pull as it should, need to look at plugs and points and dwell angle.

Its begining to be a nice car, drives without rattle or untoward noises, just need to get the brakes to 100%, and sort out the slight reluctance for the engine to rev freely - I'll enjoy driving it soon !

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