Sunday, 16 March 2014

Just as I thought it was all sorted.

I spent Saturday morning "fettling" the little jobs left on the Sprint.

The refusal to rev above 4500 was probably the 3 thou points gap (ye,s I should have checked earlier, but the carbs were that bad I couldn't notice the rev limit problem) - that sorted it will easily red line.

Next replace the rear brake auto adjusters (also purchased at Stoneleigh)  - I finally have a nice firm brake pedal with little travel, so Hooray all ready for the CT Dinner at Milton Keynes.

So Anne and I set off, bags packed looking forward to the party and the fun and games, when just short of J15 on tthe M1 the headgasket fails in a big way, I did manage to get it off the Motorway and it was recovered by the AA, but this car seems determined to stop me enjoying it. Its only firing on 2 or 3 cylinders now, and I wonder what I will find when the head is removed.

I am off on business trtavels to Russia for 10 days, so the car is going to have to wait until my return which may now make it an unlikely contender for the HCR, but watch this space.

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