Thursday, 20 March 2014

Off with the Head

Well the head came off easily enough, and the studs were easily removed. (although one of the long studs isn't a Sprint one and was fitted without the steel washer under the nut).

However, on inspection the gasket and head look ok

The oil is just where I have wiped round the bores, after cleaning the water out

Although I am a little surprised that there are no honing marks in the bores as it is supposed to have been stripped and had new rings fitted.

So why did it boil over .....

it had a new water pump fitted by the PO ...

If you look closely at the gear teeth they are absolutely buggered !!! so is the jackshaft gear.

So its engine out time, strip clean and rebuild.

The pump must have been one of the NOS ones with faulty case hardening that were floating about a few years ago.

Luckily I have bought a spare Sprint engine for £160 that has had headgasket failure after a rebuild so this should yeild a good jackshaft, oil pump and water pump (and the head stud) - its also got a new Kent DMS1 cam, and oversize pistons - although it is seized (water in the bores I suspect) - but still a bargain as it will save £100s of pounds in new parts.

However it will delay returning the Sprint to the road as I now have to embark on a proper engine rebuild

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