Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Back from the USSR

After 10 days working in Russia on TopGear Live, it was time to have a further look at the Sprint engine and try to decide on a way forward if we are going to take it on the HCR

Firstly I removed the oil filter bowl to check this had been assembled correctly, and fortunately apart from a dirty filter nothing was amiss with the assembly, so I then removed the oil pump and stripped this. There is some wear from the metal from the skew gears but it doesn't appear too serious.

so the big question is, will any remnants of the metal have got through the oil filter ? and then damaged the bearings.

I then stripped the head, for an engine that was supposedly rebuilt less than 500 miles ago, the head and valve gear is filthy, and I suspect wasn't stripped and cleaned, although all the valve seats are good. Lots of carbon left on the valves too.

So as far as I can see I have 2 options:-

1). Pull the engine and finish stripping it, then rebuild, and possibly not make the 10 HCR (we'll have to take the Stag instead ) I'll need shells and piston rings with a bore hone


2). Get the head skimmed, clean and reassemble with a new oil pump and a Craig Davis external electric water pump (which means the block and jackshaft don't need to come out.)

Option 2 is quick, but what if there is damage to the bearings ? - although there was no knocking from the engine when the pump failed.

Trouble is I don't like doing half jobs, and I do have plans for a rebuilt engine later on, but one done now will just be a rush job and will need doing again later anyway

Pity as when the head is stripped I can see how good it is,, water ways and face have very very little corrosion, for a 40 year old alloy head its very good.

Decisions decisions ........

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