Friday, 11 April 2014

Running Again

I took the day off work today to finish the Sprint, it took until about 1pm to finish all the little jobs, prime the external water pump and fire her up

But she runs fine, no bearing noise so the crank is OK, the filter must have stopped the debris, but I am going to do another oil and filter change after the HCR.

Guess I'll be retorquing the head down sometime on that event, as I took the car for a 100 mile thrash this afternoon to check all was well.

On the Motoroway at 70 the temp guage sits just below midway and the fan doesn't come on, but sit in traffic and the needle rises a bit and the fan starts up.

After switch off fan and water pump run for another 2 minutes to cool the engine down. I am quite pleased with the external water pump, it does exactly what it says on the tin, and Mrs Weaver will be pleased as the heater still works.

Got the correct airbox fitted too

And as a final touch fitted the CT logo

Just remains to clean it and we are off to Chelmsford

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