Friday, 21 February 2014

Dangerous Bodge

First job of today was to fit a clevis pin to th brake pedal / servo pushrod.

This is what I removed - I wouldn't have minded if the nyloc threads were engaged, but the bolt was too short so it was only finger tight. Its bodges like this that kill people, I am glad I found this.

Got the rear shocks off, and the reason for the "kick" at the rear is obvious

Always fit dampers in pairs! and dont fit one thats shorter than the other, alters the spring rate as well in this case.

got the Gaz Dampers fitted at the rear

and the front.

I think the ride height is about right but I want to let the springs settle a little and I may then tweak it a little.

Other jobs that got done today were to fix the boot light, retorque the head down, and fit some bulkhead grommets.

The car drives a lot better now. There's an annoying squeak from one of the exhaust mounts to be sorted, I need to fit the inner wing baffles, then  the engine needs setting up. I have changed the needle valves for the ball type too. I want to try the engine without the viscous fan, and see if that is making all the noise, So still jobs to do.

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