Sunday, 18 January 2015

EFI Crank Position Sensor

The original fan carrier mounting holes in the timing cover are "blind" so I needed to make up a template, to mark and drill the holes in the sensor mounting bracket

The position of the holes was then transferred from the template to the mounting bracket that I had purchased

I then made lateral slots in the bracket, so the position of the sensor can be changed in relation to the teeth on the trigger wheel, so that the edis can be set to fire (in limp mode) at 10 Deg BTDC. I also cut the front of the bracket downm as it projected beyond the front of the crank pulley

The remaining issue is the timing mark, so I made a small bracket on which I will mark TDC, and 10 BTDC for set up, but I cannot finalise this until I find TDC on the actual engine (I need a timing wheel, and a piston stop which I will fabricate from a spark plug and a bolt.

I had hoped to get this fitted to the car today, but time was against me, so thats for next weekend

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