Friday, 9 January 2015

Trigger Wheel and EDIS

More progress on the EFI. I had only been able to source EDIS connectors with wiring tails fitted, this means that to make connections you need to join cables with solder and heat sleeve. i don't like this because of reliability and neatness issues, so I stripped the edis connector

and removed the pins, so I could strip them back and recrimp them

Here's it all done - the bare wires are the trigger sensor and edis pip and saw shield wires, that go round the signal cables - these will be hidden when the loom is wrapped, just like Fords and other manufacturers do

I also had time to make up the coil pack ends of the HT cables - the plastic "hats" on the cable ends retain the cables in the coil in addition to the normal press fit connectors - these will NOT fall off or come loose.

I got the trigger wheel mounted to the crank pulley too

The "teeth" are spaced nicely from the V belt pulley

So time to check it all fits on the timing cover

Just got to mount the sensor now, I will mark the bolt holes out, but then cut slots so I can adjust the timing, I also need to notch the bracket where it is a little close to the middle timing cover bolt

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