Wednesday, 28 January 2015

TR5 and Sprint EFI

I had a nice package in the post today from Jenvey, but before we get to that, I have resolved to finish the 5, so I spent the weekend working on it.

Windscreen, wiper arms / blades and interior mirror now fitted

Door mechanisms, window winders and glass now fitted and all working

Interior Dynamat fitted, and a start made to the inner rear wheel arch foams and trim

Steering completed

Wing and door trims and front sidelamps fitted

I'm on a roll with this, and intend to keep going .....

But back to the Sprint, inside the box from Jenvey was this

throttle cable, fuel rail, and linkages

idle air bleed kit - this replaces the idle bleed screws so you can control idle with a control valve driven from the microsquirt - the valve didn't come from Jenvey - its a vauxhall one

and finally a pair of twin throttle bodies

45mm chokes, so sexy in fact that I couldn't resist seeing what they looked like on the manifold

I know they are not in the correct placement - the linkages should be on the inside but who cares ? I need bell mouths but I want to see what room I have left between the bodies and the inner wing before ordering these.

Looks like I am going to be very busy with the 5 and the Sprint for a month or two

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