Sunday, 1 February 2015

Sprint Bits and TR5

My JE forged pistons arrived on Friday

These are 160 grams lighter (inc rings and pin) than the standard piston, so each rod and piston assembly is 340 grams lighter than standard :) - I hope this will help the engine rev a little better - I need to decide on a cam now.

I have spent the rest of the day on the 5, I completed the rear boot wiring to the lamps

Then I finished the B post and strengthener trim in the door frame

the next job was to install the finishing strips to the wing seams - I hadn't looked forward to this as the painters had used seam sealer between the panels, so after undoing the fixings, I had to gently cut through the sealer with a stanley knife (without causing paint damage) before I could open up the flange and insert the trim strips.

These will need painting body colour, but I will do this when the car is complete so any other paint damage (although I am hoping there will be none) can be rectified at the same time.

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