Friday, 29 May 2009

Collection Day

Not very exciting, spent today avoiding caravans and fuel misers hogging the middle lane of the motorways, despite the empty inside lane, causing huge traffic jams, collecting the Stanpart panels that I had sourced.
rear valence and radiator panel
2 rear wings

nearside rear door, boot floor, rear lamp housing p/s, radiator panels and headlamp panel
Got some nice shiney new parts as well, together with a good s/h centre console that I needed,
boot lock, p/s indicator, number plate lamp, rear tread plates, and grill
Now I still need to collect the lefthand sill and inner.
I still need to source right hand sill, inner, outer and middle, front wings, and top panel above headlamps - anyone got any of these for sale ?
Also still need a pair of black velour front seats (and an estate roof panel, but I guess thats made from unobtanium)
Quite pleased really after the costs of a TR5 rebuild, these panels are about 15% of the price of TR5 parts, which I don't understand as the saloons were (are) great cars.
More on the mechanical parts and disassembly tomorrow

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