Friday, 15 May 2009

The Estate has landed

Its arrived at home at last, and at least its got another Triumph for company. the wife came out and had a look and said "thats an old mans car!" - I said "well I am an old man now, or at least I will be by the time this restoration is finished".

Another detailed look round it and the thought occurs "What have I let myself in for - I am sure it wasn't that rusty when I last saw it"

However at least I can start making detailed plans, list of things to do, parts to obtain etc etc.

Having tried to rotate the crank the engine seems siezed, so plugs out, and diesel down the bores. Will try again tomorrow.

No brake fluid in the reservoirs, or water in the radiator, so there are some more problems.

A few things I hadn't notice before, there's a box of 70s electronics fitted to the passenger footwell - must investigate.

Went to my local Motor Factors today, and purchased a few items, plugs, oil filter and good semi synthetic oil for my Stag. Quick oil change for that tomorrow, replace its plugs which I can then use on the estate for now. Also got oil filter and oil for that, but this time cheap oil. If I can get the engine to turn over then it will get fresh oil to the bearings. It does help having 2 cars with the same engine.

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