Saturday, 16 May 2009

Electronic ABS ?

You are going to have to read most of this blog to get to the interesting part, as it represents the order of my progress today.

Oil and filter change on my Stag to start today, replaced the plugs.

Here are the plugs from the left hand bank, bit sooty from the last start, but a good biscuit brown underneath.

Plug gaps seem a little wide - cannot remember setting them like that, but these plugs have done 10000 miles since the engine rebuild, mainly in France.

Compare them to the plugs from the other V8 in the estate

3 different manufacturers, and 2 look like they have never been used in a running engine.

Engine still won't rotate, so another dose of diesel, and I decided to look at bits of the car. Carburator linkages are bust so I must order some, had the distributor cap off, and low and behold contactless ignition.

Traced this lot back to the module on the drivers suspension turret that I had thought was ABS related - its not its the ignition module.

Now the interesting part, had a look at the electronics module in the passenger footwell

Doesn't look much does it?

This was inside

The writing says "Mullard"

"Brake Control Module"

"Developement Sample MVB7/1"

"12 volts R17 = 33K"

"No guarantee for future delivery"

NB Mullard were a famous British Electronics Manufacturer in the 50s - 70s, made lots of thermionic valves, televisions etc etc.

The was also a folded piece of paper, tucked between the module and the bracket, sadly it is rust damaged and a type of photocopy. But it looks like this

Its not legible in the photo, but its contents are a wiring diagram of the ABS system, with the following text

"2/11/72 Wiring Diagram for VM1202 Antilock Module

Mount with connectors at bottom if possible

Twin core screened cable to pickup pick up

Warning light if required (lights when solenoid on)


12v supply"

There we are, electronically controlled ABS on a Triumph made in 1972. Is this the earliest surviving car with electronic ABS?

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