Monday, 25 May 2009


Well its official now, the engine is seized, the diesel has not worked and a large wrecking bar with scaf tube extension applied to the crank bolt still won't rotate the crank. - The bolt came undone easily though.

So the strip down has commenced. Everything I touch reveals more rust, anyone got a stag battery box and a radiator lower support panel ?

A trip to see Martin at Justriumph will resolve that, we'll chop a battery box out of a Stag, and the radiator support too.

Had some luck with Stanpart panels this week, although I have been working, I have made good use of cellphone and internet and now have the following Stanpart panels:-
Boot floor


2 rear wings

rear passenger side door

radiator shut panel

lefthand side inner and outer sill

While stripping the car I noticed the following "bodge" to the exhaust manifold, which cannot have helped power output, I think some custom tubular manifolds may be called for upon the rebuild

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  1. Just read your Blog Mike - well done mate, very interesting stuff :-)



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