Saturday, 21 November 2009

Back on the Body Work

Had half a day on the bodywork today, chopped out the driver's side sill, outer, part middle, and front of the inner sill. This side had more rust, but in different places to the passenger side.

I now have a day or so to spend in cleaning up the flanges before welding the new sills back on, then its replace the outrigger and floorpan.

I have also purchased some steel sections to make up a "spit" for the car, and I am contemplating building the spit and getting the car up and on its side as it will make work on the sill a great deal more pleasant. The garage floor is very cold to lie on at this time of year!

Hours of work now 323 (8 on the engine strip, and 5 on the body today)

Costs £6573 (£550 on hepolite pistons, £100 on NOS water pump)

I also purchased an MOT failed estate today. It was cheap, and it has all the remaining body parts that I need to complete this car with - basically rear lamp housings and associated parts around the tailgate aperture. The roof on it is also excellent, no traces of rust at all, and far better than the one I got from Cornwall. I can also get all the little bits of trim from it that I am missing - mainly boot trim items. It also has some parts that Dave Pearson was after for one of his projects.

But, the car is recoverable, and I am having second thoughts about breaking it - it wants door skins, some sill welding, and front wheel arch repairs on a quick inspection, plus a brake overhaul. Its tax exempt too, with a nice 2000 engine and overdrive gearbox. If anyone is interested in it, or would like some parts please send me an email to mike @ (without the spaces) - if I find someone who is really interested in the complete car I may reconsider, on the other hand if there is demand for the parts it will make me feel less guilty about breaking it.

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