Monday, 23 November 2009

Built a Spit tonight

I built a Spit tonight and here it is

I am slightly concerned about the centre of gravity of the car, if its top heavy, it will just flip upside down when attached to the spit, so when I fit it to the car I am also going to attach 2 ropes and pulleys to the garage roof timbers and to each side of the car, so I can control its rotation. It should be a good game! But it will have to wait a few weeks yet.

Also got the driverside doors back on, no trace of bending, so it will be time to finish welding the sills next.


I have also found a company who specialise in restoring old brake parts and servos, who are confident they can service and inspect the ABS servo without causing damage, so I am hoping to go and see them with the servo later this week.

Costs £50 for steel to be added to the total.

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