Saturday, 28 November 2009

A Tale of Two Estates.

I went and collected the other estate today and towed it back on an A frame.
As you can see the roof, and screen surround is in A1 condition

And the tailgate aperture also perfect no rust, and when I inspected the internal pillar sections at the back, and the lamp housings also no rust. What a car! 


I have however been concerned about ending the life of a Triumph Estate, and wanted to inspect the rest.
The rear wheel arches, inner arches, floor pan, spring mounts, shock absorber mounts are gone! The floor and sills are like this everywhere, so added to 4 rotten doors, and rusted out front wheel arches, I don't feel so bad about parting it out. At least it will live on in some other cars.


Back to the other estate, got the outer sill on today and welded in. Been playing with these cleco temporary fastners, they are a great help and so simple to use, beats self tappers anyday for temporary clamps.


Front of the sill and more clecos visible


Inside front of the innersill - sorry the picture is upside down - shows the jacking point and the plate I had to make up to replace some disappeared metal.


Should get the rest of the inner sill in tomorrow and the outrigger and floor pan back in

Hours worked now 341 - 8 hours today

Money £7153 - £350 on the donor estate, £50 on the steel for the spit

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  1. just wondering, what was the registration of the blue estate


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