Sunday, 29 November 2009

Sills Finished

Had a good day on the car today, the work progressed really swiftly and I have completed a great deal.

Firstly, inner sill in place, together with a small patch in the bottom of the A pillar.

Front outrigger now present and correct.


And floor pan installed.


Welding completed on floor pan


As usual there are some welds to be ground back, but I shall have a session on this when the car is complete and the bird cage removed, as its really uncomfortable to lie on bits of the cage as you need to get access to parts of the car.

I am also bulding up a list of outstanding jobs that must be completed before certain panels go on. For instance I realised the other day that there is no mounting for the battery clamp on the inner wing side of the car. This must be fabricated and installed before the outer wing goes on the car, or I won't be able to secure the battery correctly. This would be a real nuisance to discover after the car is painted and I am fitting it up.

I am still leaving the wheel arch for now, because I want to do the rear wing next (and it was a pig at my first attempt!). Once the wing is done I can then have a go at the roof, as I have promised Anne that the donor estate will be gone by Christmas, so I really need to work hard at this.

I have formulated a cunning plan for the roof work, reliant on the new roof being in such good condition, but more of that when its time to do the work.

Hours worked 348   7 hours today.

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