Monday, 14 December 2009

Estate on a spit

I went and fetched my new spit today, assembled it and bolted it to the car, after fabricating brackets and further reinforcing the rear bumper mounts to the bird cage, rear view

 and front

Now the nervous bit, will it lift the car, and will the car survive the lift ?


So far so good, car off the ground, no nasty noises, and no signs of bending, breaking mounts, or failing bumper mounts. Next job is to balance the car so it will rotate. This was a difficult job, as without the roof the top of the car was too light, eventually after winding all the adjustment out, I could get the car to rotate, with a large amount of effort. Here we are on its side, nice and stable, and as a bonus more room to work in.


The only nasty rust I have found is the passenger side drag stut mount which I knew was rusty anyway. The rest looks surface only, so next its a good wire brush and a poke about.


I shall also remove the diff and rear suspension.

Then I will attend to the rest of the underneath, welding the repairs that I need to complete, this will be far nicer with the car on its side, and not dropping rubbish and weld spatter on top of me.

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