Wednesday, 23 December 2009

The Penultimate Weld before Christmas

Firstly, went and recovered the servo and brake master cylinder from the Reconditioners - Past Parts in Bury St Edmunds, here they are, in fantastic condition, so the car should stop. The work was a little pricey, but these aren't Stanpart Parts, and not that common £373 inc vat.

Back to the welding, front outrigger seam welded in

Floor pan, plug and seam welded and complete on driver's side


Floor pan to front bulkhead, with the plug welds ground off.


Transmission tunnel repairs finished and welds ground back


This reveals the Ferguson new gearbox mount, in front of the 2 old holes which I have now welded and filled.


Driver's side sill seam welded, and weld ground flat.


So apart from the rear wing the driver's side of the car is nearly complete, so I cannot put it off any longer, and need to do the front wheel arch repairs. Refit the front wing, and I am so pleased with the sill to wing gap and general alignment.


Its really good to find it all fits correctly, and that the panels look good when fitted.

I finally got too cold to do any more, but I am hoping to spend a few hours on the car tomorrow, hence this was the penultimate welding day.

Hours worked - 377 - 5 hours today

Money spent -  7561 - 373 on servo and master cylinder

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