Saturday, 5 December 2009

Full Circle

This is 2 days work, with the blog report condensed into one. Neither day was a full day because Christmas intervened, and I had to get and errect our Christmas trees, still at least I got to play with my chainsaw!

Firstly some nice shiney powder coating collected, bumper mounts, engine mounts, various other brackets and the sump..

Next job cut the rear wing off

 This shows some rust above the inner wing that needs a new flange making up, and the cleaned up C post ready for the wing.

Under the car, you can see it was fitted with Stag rear suspension cross members as it has the exhaust pipe hole in them both, driverside


 and passenger side.


Other repair areas in the wheel arch to be attended to rear


and front

all flanges now cleaned up


and trial fit of rear wing - perfect, just the repairs to be done then the wing can go on.


Thats the repairs Full Circle, the whole way round the car. Hopefully I will finish these wing area repairs in another days work - then its on to the roof.

Thanks also to Chris Allen, for his visit and encouragement today, and the donation of the new rear shock absorbers.

I have been having some misgivings about the spit I built and the size and weight of the car.At this point it would be a disaster if the spit caused the car to get damaged, so I aquired this off ebay this week, its new and about one third of new price, so I can sell this on at the end and recoup my costs.

Hours worked now 362--12 hours in 2 days - 2hours on the servo
Money £7188 - £35 powder coating

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