Sunday, 6 June 2010

Goodbye Estate

After finishing off the trailer, 3 of us then spent the morning loading the estate onto the trailer. Not easy without road wheels.

In the end we winched it up on the spit, having covered the ramps with steel sheet so that the rollers didn't get stuck (they are a little narrower and smaller diameter than road wheels!)

With the spit on, the car was too long for the trailer, so it was a question of lowering the car onto axle stands, removing the spit, and then dragging the car forward on some pallets until it all sat on the trailer

and finally all ready to go, I will not see this back again for 3 or 4 weeks, so time to tidy up the garage again I think.

T'was an absolute bugger to do. I am going to find a better way to get it off the trailer when it comes home.

I didn't feel like doing much after that, but I did reassemble the auto gear selector from the parts that had come back from the powder coater, there's grease in it too, so it won't be rusting up again. I had to clean the powder coat of the shaft bearing surfaces before assembly, but it works beautifuly now.

The cleco fasterners are holding it together as I need to get some solid rivets.

next item for assembly will be the heater, but thats for another day.

hours worked 574 - 6 hours today

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