Saturday, 12 June 2010

Heater Assembly

Just because the estate is away at Surface Treatments doesn't mean that I won't be working on various items when time allows.

Today was the turn of the heater assembly, which as you may remember was somewhat rusty, but I now had the parts back from the powder coaters.

I started by stripping the motor, to oil the bearings and check the brushes

All was Ok, except the commutator was somewhat dirty, so I cleaned this up with wire wool and reassembled.

Brush assembly fitted

Then it was time to put the motor in the housing and mount the dropper resistor that gives the slow speed.

Then assemble the motor into the blower assembly

You will note the new screws, I used a total of 52 screws in the whole heater assembly !

Fan assembly mounted into the main unit

Sealing compound fitted to edges of heater chamber

Side panels on and matrix inserted.

I greased all the cables and other moving parts, including the lever assemblies and the springs and ball bearings that give the detent steps.

And finished, flaps cables, vents etc all fitted and working from the front control levers

Looks much better, and its all done except for a snag, the heater valve doesn't fit the matrix, I hope the matrix suppliers can resolve this without me having to replace the matrix, I shall not be happy !

Total hours worked 579 - 5 hours on the heater.

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