Friday, 25 June 2010

Its Come Home

Got a telephone call late this morning, please come and collect your car.

So I was off hot foot to SPL.

Got it home, its NOT full of holes, after a careful inspection 5 new ones only, and small, as follows:-

1 in the plenum
1 in the bulkhead
1 in the transmission tunnel mods
1 in an inner wing
1 where one of the rear floor bungs was located.

Theres a little bit of heat distortion in some small areas, which will easily knock out, and a small ding in the passengerside roof above the rear door.

They were right about the lead loading, there's no lead left on the car at all now

Its all one colour now too, which helps, even though its a satin black "rat" effect

But otherwise a fantastic result, I am chuffed to bits. You can see now how other parts of the car were modified by FF as the process has removed all the crud and muck

So pictures now - lots of them too - sorry but I am really happy with the result.

Front inner wheel arch
Drivers footwell
Driver's rear seat area
Boot floor showing hammer marks from Carbodies where they indented for the spare wheel - its Ok and I worried this might disappear in the process. The surface rust does leave a non shiny finish in the ecoat, but thats because the metal has been converted to rust and then removed

Inner wheel arch

FF transmission tunnel modifications, again despite surface rust its all whole

Little ding in the roof that it now has - sadly

Driverside inner wheel arch, the small hole in the chassis leg is where FF didn't finish the plating, when they modified it - its not a rust hole.

Plenum chamber / bulhead above

Passenger side front wheel arch - note the hammered modification for the extra vacuum chamber

Passenger side chassis rail mods

Didn't know this weld was here on the windscreen pillar, factory done, then hammered in and presumably leadloaded

Same here on the rear pillar

View inside the plenum, showing the chemicals and ecoat get everywhere

passengerside inner wheel arch

Rear spring mounts

Underside of bonnet, hadn't noticed the marks in the bulge before!

Transmission tunnel

Even had the rear subframe arms done, ready for black chassis paint.

And thats all for now folks, I won't be able to do much on this for a few weeks due to work commitments, but it will be the small repairs and leadloading next.

And how much did it all cost......... £1860, so the spend to date is now £12884

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