Saturday, 5 June 2010

Moderns and Customers get in the way of work

I had intended to do a fair bit of work today, but......

Firstly, after 195000 miles the camshaft position sensor gives out on my Zafira, so no spark at the plugs, that left me stranded for a couple of hours, but I still managed to collect the powder coating, which is all the heater parts and the autogear selector. Still boxed here, but if I get time to assemble them it should look pretty good

Then 2 customer call outs, the second one 30 minutes after I get home from the first one, so that was most of my day gone.

I wanted to work on my new car trailer, so it is in good nick to move the estate on Monday. It isn't too bad mechanically as it managed to travel 140 miles home with me from south wales, but the electrics were shot, and I wanted to regrease the wheel bearings.

I am pleased with it, it has ramps, overrun brakes and a tipping bed, and is plated at 2000kg, didn't sell for much on ebay, probably because of its location. The winch must be a later replacement, it looks Victorian, but its very well made. So I managed to do most of the electrics tonight, I will do the wheel bearings and fabricate a number plate holder tomorrow.

I just need to figure out a way of getting the estate onto it, but thats a problem for tomorrow.

So a busy day tomorrow, complete the trailer, load the estate on to it, and get the gearbox back in the Stag, and rain is forcast!

Hours worked 568 - 2 today
Money £11024 - £100 on powder coating.

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