Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Brakes and other bits

Firstly, with my thanks to some new friends and their FF cars (Jensen Interceptors) and no I won't mention my new Interceptor here, a plumbing diagram for the Maxaret Brake system - although my estate uses a Mullard Electronics box to control things, not a Maxaret valve

On to todays work - thought I'd get the propshaft on, handbrake cable fitted, and the brakes plumbed in.
Well the propshaft went in OK,

Fitted the handbrake, and the cables, and then found that I couldn't find the handbrake compensator - its about somewhere, so I busied myself with a few other little jobs such as the heater vents and tubes in the passenger compartment -the black gunge near the edges of the heater tubes is Dum Dum sealant to keep the hot air in the right direction

That done, fitted the brake flexible hoses, and was going to start making the pipes up, when I found that I couldn't locate the brackets that connect the front brake pipes to the crossmember - they are probably with the handbrake part!

So next it was install the electric fuel pump on its brackets in the boot. Although the pump's not now an SU, it has the same fittings, is solid state, and doesn't have points to corrode. Got that from LDParts. I think this is the correct position for the pump, the old one was just loose on what remained of the boot floor, with no trace of the mountings remaining

Next job was to get the fuel line in, and the rest of the brake pipe mounting clips - all done.

That was a total of 8 hours, these bits and pieces seem to take an age, or maybe I am just getting slow.

The dynamat insulation pads arrived today, so thats a pending job for the car interior.

732 hours now, 8 today. I will update costs when I have fitted the dynamat

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