Sunday, 23 January 2011

Dynamat Day

I spent all day fitting Dynamat Extreme sound deadening pads to the estate, supposedly better than the original bitumen pads for sound deadening, and I have covered the entire floor area, including the boot floor, and the inside of the doors and the rear wings.. Its an attenpt to ensure it doen't "boom" with exhaust resonance, which the estates are prone to, and I suspect the Stag exhaust won't help either. I used 32 sheets at 4sq ft each, and I still need another 5 to do the roof and finish the rear wheel arches.

However when thats complete I can then rust proof the box sections and doors with waxoil or similar. Its no good waxoiling first, as the adhesive on the dynamat sheets will not stick.

I did a little more on the brakes too, started making up brake pipes, to find I had no male ends in stainless steel - the ones I had were all metric.

So next job, door seals, what a PIG to fit into the c section channel on the doors, still I finished one door and have started another - its really a job to spend an hour on, and then go back to later, as your hands get very sore pushing the seal into the channel with a screwdriver.

 741 hours worked, 9 today

costs now £14545 - £450 on Dyanamat, new bonnet scoop and misc parts. It doesn't include the painting as that's not finished yet

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