Sunday, 16 January 2011

Its been a long time.

Sadly due to work commitments it has been a long time since I have been able to work on the estate, but fortunately work has slowed down a little now, and I have been able to look at the project again.

It was quite strange going back in the garage again after all this time, and I spent a fair bit of time just inspecting the car and remembering where I had got with it, and remembering what was left to do.

Some more history of the car has come to light over the past months from the Manx Vehcile registration dept who have confirmed the following:-

The vehicle was first registered in the UK on 18/09/1972.

The vehicle was then re registered on the Isle of Man on 19/05/1975. The vehicle was then exported off the Island on 17/11/1983. The vehicle had one owner whilst it was registered on the Isle of Man.

I had some luck on ebay and I managed to purchase a new bonnet scoop, so thats another item taken care of

So the jobs of today were to finish the front wiring loom, replacing the connectors for the alternator and battery, and getting the starter motor wired up

I then did the bonnet release cable and windscreen washers

That was it for today, but I do know what I am doing next on the car

Thats 724 Hours now, 4 worked today

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