Sunday, 30 January 2011


I started today by finishing off the dynamat, to the wheel arches and roof.

Then it was wiring time, I need to get the rear loom installed, and the feeds to the door switches, roof lamps, screen heater etc, and see what is missing (the car had a sun roof before, so the roof light wasn't in its normal position), and see what does and doesn't work.

Loom in, connected up, and testing begun

It all seems to work OK, but I need to extend some of the roof wires to the lamp and the tailgate. I also seem to have mislaid the wiring for the heated rear screen, so that's more cable to buy.

I have completed another door seal too, so just 2 doors left to do.

I want to be sure the wiring was OK, because my dash and other wood trim is due back from Chapman and Cliff anyday, so I will be able to fit this and the reconditioned instruments. Next task, is to modify a carpet for the tranmission tunnel, but thats for another day.

hours worked now 748 - 7 hours today.

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