Sunday, 6 February 2011

2 Jobs Completed Today

Only 2 jobs finished on the estate today, but both essential to see it running, firstly I finished the fuel lines from the tank via the pump to the under bonnet fuel filter,

and then I made up all the brake pipes on my own trusty brake flaring tool.. Because I have used copper pipe I have fitted some extra brake pipes in some places, essential where you are using copper as it is prone to fatigue fractures where it is unspported over long lengths. The original steel pipes don't require as much support.
This photo is prior to fitting the front to rear pipe and the remaining offside front pipe.

Because I didn't have patterns for most of the pipes, I used a thick piece of cable as a "dummy" pipe to get the length correct before cutting and flaring the pipe.

and to save corrosion issues stainless steel unions

Chapman and Cliff have also telephoned to say that all the wood work is ready for collection so I am off to nantwich to collect it next week, so I will be able to get the dash and instruments in and complete.

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