Saturday, 12 February 2011

Steering Column and Doors

The new bearing for the column arrived yesterday, so now was as good a time as any to fit it.

Removal is easy undo the circlip, the spring and washer pop off, and the bearing can be drifted out - I use the existing shaft, by drifting it upwards until it clears the bearing, let it drop down then drift the bearing out by tapping it from the other end.

The bearing is a gentle push fit in the column, but you are then left with the problem of how to compress the spring and fit the circlip

Simples really, undo the circlip at the other end of the shaft, and push it up the shaft, together with the indicator canceller, then drift the shaft down again
It will suddenly have enough room to fit the circlip, washer and spring

To finish, push down on the steering column, from the top, this compresses the spring, lets the shaft slide upwards, and enables you to push the top circlip home, job done, just refit the column now, and add extra grease to the lower bearing

That done, I fitted a few more missing grommets from the floorpan and bulkhead, a missing circlip to the windscreen wiper drive motor and then started on door locks and glass. This work was a little slow, as I hadn't documented or separated the parts from the 4 doors when I stripped them, everything looks the same, ( a front door lock, fits a rear door, but then you discover you cannot fit the linkage for the inner door opener - ask me how I know!) but has subtle differences, so I needed to work out where it all went, then clean and degrease it etc etc.

Still got the glass in the front passenger door, door locks fitted and weather seals in.

New old stock inner door handles, nos 1/4 light assembly, just the window winder to fit here.

Did the same on the passenger rear door too

When closed the door seals are pushing the bottom of the doors out a little, hopefully that will improve as the rubber gets used to being compressed - its not an issue from pattern rubber parts either as the front door seal was a genuine nos Stanpart one - a little adjustment will be needed to hinges and locks too, but both doors are good enough for now.

I haven't fitted the winder mechanisms, as I may yet change the glass, in the cold light of day there are a lot of marks on the glass, and as nos clear windows are still available and are relatively cheap it may be worth the small extra effort of changing them - something to mull over in the next few days.

I collect the woodwork on Wednesday, so dash and instruments are definitely going in next - I cannot wait to see what it will look like, doors and glass will wait again.

Hours worked 748 - 7 today
Money spent £14235 - £30 for the column bearing

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