Sunday, 20 February 2011

Doors and Glass.

First job of the day was to get the new gear selector rod fitted and the gear stick actually connected up (the auto parking brake now works too!)

I cleaned up and fitted the starter inhibitor wiring at the starter end, and to the reverse light circuit, and then found that there is no way to get to the inhibitor switch until the front propshaft is removed - I left this for now, it can go on the pending jobs list.

The rest of the day has been spent fighting with door lock mechanisms, window winder parts, and all the other inaccessible parts inside the front doors. I have fitted the polythene liners too, I remember from bitter experience with my Stag that if these aren't fitted the door cards get damp.

I had 2 nos front windows from Chris Witor, so these went in. The worst job was remembering how to get the winder mechanism in. At one point I thought it needed to go in before the glass and the quarter light frame, but luckily at the correct angle, with the fixing mechanism at a certain position compared to the lifter arm in it went.

So here we are 2 front doors complete, with window seals, door cappings etc etc, just the striker plates to adjust now

I want to finish the rear doors next week, handbrake cable and a few other jobs so its water proof and ready for Stoneleigh.

766 hours now worked, 8 today.

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