Tuesday, 8 February 2011

What a Faff about

The plan for today was simple and I thought straightforward, fit the transmission oil cooler, so I could fit the pipes, then fasten down the various wires pipes and clips in the engine bay.

Nothing was simple, for some reason (hangover??) it took me a couple of hours to figure out the fitting arrangement of the oil cooler to its brackets, drill the hole for the pipes through the radiator support panel, and fit it all in place behind the front valence.

Still that done, onto the pipe work, I had purchased some new pipes in copper, and I got those in place only to discover that the flexible pipes from the transmision are too short.

You can just see the air gap of about 8 inches to one of the pipes under the oil pump. So off with the flexible pipes (which are now going back to the supplier) and a trip to Pirtek to have some custom ones made up to the correct length. When the flexible pipes are installed, I can shorten the copper pipes as required, as the oil cooler end has a clamp "olive" type arrangement allowing the pipe length to be shortened. Once done the pipes and heavy cables will be secured with P clips - some nice stainless steel ones also visible with old and new flexible pipes below, and all should be neat tidy and reliable.

While I was out I also collected from the powder coaters, my fusebox and relay holder and the expansion bottle bracket.

Unlike Stags, the bottle holder was only pop riveted in place (like the battery box - because of the nature of the prototype modification) and the ecoating process had dissolved the pop rivets! - so thats another 2 items to fit tomorrow.

Costs now  £14205 - powder coat and pipes

Hours worked now 733 - 5 today, 7 at the weekend

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