Saturday, 19 February 2011

Dash it

With the arrival of the reconditioned wood from Chapman & Cliff I couldn't wait. Today had to be the day the dash went in. Took a long time, there were more bits that needed cleaning and painting, including the glove box hinges, but it was well worth the effort, its looking more and more like a car as the parts go back on.

Its only a trail fit of the centre console and heater controls, I wanted to see it all fits (and the finished result too!), but its got to come out to fit the gear selector linkage, from the box to the gear stick. I do have one, but like a lot of the original parts its very very rusty, so thats another item I got from Justriumph. The gear selector cover does fit, but I have no clips for it at present, so it won't fit correctly unless you hold it in place. I also cannot find the switch panel reinforcing plate, so its either time to make one, or have a good hunt about for it.

I managed to pop rivet the metal straps under the plenum vents today too.

I also solved a mystery today!

For some time I have been wondering where the cable is that connects to the gearbox inhibitor switch for reverse lamps and the starter inhibitor, with it being an automatic.

While I was hunting for other bits I found this.

Its a small loom extension, the 4 lucar connectors on the right connect to the inhibit switch, the 2 green (currently dirty black) wires connect to the existing reverse lamp switch wires, and the 2 white red wires go to the starter motor and pick up the solenoid wiring diverting it via the inhibitor switch. Obviously no relay fitted then! just a simple break switch in the starter ignition wiring. Thats got to go on the car, and sooner rather than later. When I get the gear selector wired up, I can test the inhibit switch and then fit this. I hope the inhibit switch is reliable!

After that it will be back to the doors and their fittings, I'd like to finish the front doors tomorrow, and get their wood trim on.

Hours worked 758 7 today and 3 in the week

Money spent £14730 - £495 on the woodwork

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