Sunday, 27 February 2011

I prefer to call it cleaning

2 days work, and only one blog update, because I went out with Anne last night and didn't have an opportunity to update the blog.

I am trying to fit as much as possible to the car before it goes to Stoneleigh on the 2000 Register stand, and I want to make it water proof this time. Hunting for removed parts (to refit) in my shed, always turns up some other items to fit too.

I wanted to get the fuel tank in, so I could complete the fuel lines, so first job was to inspect the sender. Like everything else, rusted solid, so new one to hand it was put in the tank.

Then I remembered that before the tank goes in, there are some sound deadening pads to fit, and from the depths of the shed here they are,  what a mess!

Covered in paint, underseal, ziebart and grot, so after cleaning ( I'll leave the polishing to others!) with white spirit and soapy water they look almost new when glued into place

so next it was in with the repainted tank, and make the fuel lines up

typically the replacement filler hose has too large a diameter to fit the original hose clips, so thats another item to purchase, and when I fit those, I will also fit the breather pipes and drain from the fuel filler. I also need to fit another inline fuel filter before the fuel pump.

While in the shed I found and cleaned various other sound deadening pads and fitted those too

I cannot find a footwell mat for the passenger side, so that looks like another part to aquire.

Having also found the choke / heater cable re-inforcing bracket in the shed, I wanted to fit the centre console.

I had purchased a new Stag choke cable (it needs 2 cables for the 2 Strombergs) however the Stag knob is incorrect for a 2000, now this should be easy to change, the original ones have a little pin you depress and they slide off the shaft. Sadly not the repro cables, the knob is molded onto the shaft and is not removable. The fix was obvious, use my old inner shaft, inner cables and knob with the new outer assembly and outer cables ( it was the outer cable sleaves that were U/S on the old unit. However that means threading the 2 inner cables down a 3 inch tube into the correct and narrow inner core of the cables. Not Easy !! in fact a real pain, I wish I hadn't started this game. I hour later and much swearing I achieved the almost impossible, and here's how the complete assembly looks when fitted. Well worth the grief in retrospect.

The it was time for the rear doors, got all the mechanisms in these, and the winders fitted. I still need to fit some rubber to hold the glass in the lower channel that lifts it up and down, but it all works, and as soon as I fit the rubber strip the door cards can go on.

I need to refit the rear estate windows now, but these are simple and the fit will be temporary, because there is a little bit of paint rectification to be undertaken around the rear window frames, before these can be completed.

780 hours now worked, 14 in the past two days.

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