Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Better Progress Today.

I started today with some simple jobs, fitted the radiator expansion bottle mount, and the bottle (not much room near this FF vacuum reservoir)

Then it was time to fit the fuse box mount

and the accelerator pedal

then back to the transmission oil cooler pipes, new flexible pipes fitted and everything fastened down with P clips

I then finished the under bonnet wiring using P clips again

This means that I can now progress the engine and fit the heads, as all this wiring will become inaccessible soon.

Some other trim jobs done too, like the sill embellishers (horrible job marking out and fitting 10 clips each side all in a straight line to hold the trim on)

I then removed the steering column to attend to the play that I had caused in it, when I originally refitted it.

However when the play was cured (by removing the updown movement on the shaft) I found that the bottom shaft bearing was as rough as a badger's arse! Its a roller ball race, tensioned with a spring, and it must have corrosion in the bearing race. There's no seal or protection for the bottom ball bearings and it must have suffered from the rust bug that the rest of the car had. These are still available but about £30 each!, still I bit the bullet and ordered one and will replace the column later

Replacement is easy, remove the circlip, then the spring, drift the inner column up and out, then pull the bearing out and reverse the process.

Still that was enough for today.

Hours worked now 741 - 8 today

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