Thursday, 8 May 2014

Nick's theory IS wrong

I've been using the Sprint as a daily driver this week, and  put a fair few miles on it - about 350, and its been getting better and better to drive, more responsive, more willing to rev higher, and generally behaving like a Sprint should.

Admittedly I have been giving it plenty of full throttle.

But the car had a lot of care and attention lavished on it last weekend so it should be grateful, but it wasn't

1/2 mile from home, just after a tight right hand turn at a T junction, where there was a little bit of wheel spin - due to the wet road, a large bang and a funny noise from the rear of the car.

I nursed it home, jacked up the rear, and ....

the diffs gone ! :(

so much so that one drive shaft was turning freely, a little bit more rotation of the drive shafts and propshafts to try and see if it was just a half shaft, and both drive shafts turn freely, so its the diff, a fairly bad failure I think. I'll leave rear axle removal for another time - I want to take the cover plate off as well to peer inside and see what has failed, but its obviously bad!

There's still oil in the diff, but one of the half shaft wheel bearings is noisy too - and looks like it has got hot, so its a full axle rebuild I guess. Maybe its rust from condensation (during its long storage) thats caused some of the case hardning to fail on the teeth ? But there were no nasty noises prior to failure

So its the white FF estate for Wales this weekend, which is probably a good choice with the forecast weather!

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