Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Triumph Therapy

It was Anne's turn to visit our girl in hospital tonight, so I got some Triumph therapy in !

Especially as the new hub bearing carrier had arrived from Moss !

All built up and ready to fit - the carrier is a repro part, and very similar to the original but must be made from billet not a casting as its machined all over.

Next fitment to the car - this involves replacement BUT you need to shim the endfloat to a maximum of 4 to 6 thou, by using shims like this behind the brake backplate

Needless to say its a little long winded as you need to do up the 6 housing bolts before checking endloat, and if you are unlucky - like me, there's no float to start with, so its remove halfsahft add shim, check, and repeat the process a few times. I needed  to add 14 thou of shims to this side and got 3.5 thou endfloat in the end - 4 to 6 thou is the maximum allowed so I am happy with this.

I still need to torque the castle nuts up, but I need at least one of the wheels on the ground as its 90 to 120 ft lb.

I have filled the diff with oil too before I forget.

As it was still daylight I started on the Trackerjack disc conversion, by stripping the hubs and replacing the bearings - good job I did, there were no felt grease seals fitted - another bodge ! at the same time I have fitted the Shacktune stub axle stiffener

which also needed shim adjustment, but only the castle nut and the outer bearing race to remove to achieve this so a lot easier. I had to replace the D washers in the bearing assemblies too - they were both like this (on both sides of both D washers ! The groove was several mm deep

So after dooing the bearings I fitted the new vented disks and checked disc run out - my dial gauge got a workout today 

The first disc was a pig to get right, and it turned out the the disc mounting holes in the original Triumph hub weren't quite at even spacing so the disc was sitting at an angle on the hub - a littlle work with a file on the disc holes resolved this and one disc has 2 thou run out, the other 3.5 thou which should be satisfactory

I then proceeded to fit the brake caliper carriers and the caliper - although the original caliper bolts were too short - even fitted without lock washers !! only about 4 threads were in the hub carrier as you can see from the dirty threaded end on the short bolt - you can see the difference between the original bolts ( which must have been replaced by the PO as they were shiny ) and the correct length ones here - very very glad I found this - who the hell fits bolts in a safety critical component like this at about half the required thread depth

and here we are, just brake pipe plumbing and a brake system to bleed to finish

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