Sunday, 4 May 2014

Pollybushes in Blue

Not a great deal to report really, just spent a day replacing all the suspension bushes with nice new Blue Pollybush.

Straightforward, but a little time consuming, and without a 10 ton press I would certainly not have been able to remove the metalastic bush from the lower track Control Arm.

Anyway although the car is a little noisier now, it goes where its pointed and there's no rear axle steer - Result!

Retorqued the head down and fettled a few other items, took it for a drive and surprised a few moderns on a local derestricted dual carriage way nearby - all the high speed vibration has gone :)

In fact I am so pleased with it, that after the Welsh Tour is going to get a Trackerjack front disk brake conversion - here are all the bits

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