Monday, 6 July 2009

Construction is better than Dismantling.

Back to the panel work at last. So tonight I did another trial fit of the front end panels, and managed to weld in the radiator support panel. I "let into this" the Stag radiator / air intake support - seen in orange below and the radiator to headlamp panel stiffeners. These in turn are spot welded to the headlamp panel.

This shows the spot welds on the right hand seam of the radiator support, to inner wing, and mig welds where it joins the chassis rails

On the other side both the stiffener and the radiator support panel are pop riveted in the areas that will be removed when I get the rest of the Stag battery box.

People have commented that they are surprised at the speed of progress that I have made, but a great deal of this is due to the support and parts that I have received from other Triumph owners and enthusiasts.

So thanks are due (in no particular order) to the following who have sourced panels and parts for me:-

Mick Dolphin (look him up on the web, he carries a lot of NOS Stanpart parts)
Nigel Gair
Dave Harvey
Chris B
and Alan Chatterton for encouragement

If I have forgotten anyone I apologise.

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